6 parent-child attractions in Lanzhou

Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu Province in China, has many attractions suitable for family trips. The following are six parent-child attractions in Lanzhou:

Lanzhou Waterwheel Museum: This is a museum displaying Lanzhou’s traditional waterwheel culture. Children can learn about the working principle of waterwheels, visit exhibits and models, and experience interactive activities such as making small waterwheels.

Gansu Provincial Museum: This is an important museum in Gansu Province, displaying rich historical and cultural heritage. Children can learn the history, folklore and natural science knowledge of Gansu here.

Lanzhou Zoo: Lanzhou Zoo is a place suitable for parent-child travel. Children can watch various animals, such as giant pandas, giraffes, lions, etc. There are also animal shows and interactive programs to participate in.

Baita Mountain Scenic Area: This scenic area is located in downtown Lanzhou, with beautiful natural landscapes and historical and cultural relics. You can climb up Baita Mountain, overlook the panorama of Lanzhou, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the river at the same time.

Qianfo Mountain Scenic Area: Qianfo Mountain Scenic Area is a temple complex with many ancient Buddhist buildings and sculptures. Children can learn about Buddhist culture, visit temples, and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery here.

Lanzhou Botanical Garden: This is a beautiful botanical garden with a rich variety of plants. Children can take a stroll in the garden, admire various flowers and plants, and learn plant knowledge at the same time.

These attractions provide a wealth of parent-child activities and educational opportunities, suitable for families to visit and explore together. During the parent-child trip in Lanzhou, children can experience the charm of nature, history and culture.

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