A Cevicheria

While exploring Lisbon’s gastronomic culture, I discovered an unforgettable restaurant, A Cevicheria. Known for its exquisite sashimi dishes and unique Peruvian flavors, this restaurant brought me a delicious and surprising dining experience.

Restaurant Atmosphere: Stepping into A Cevicheria, I was attracted by the warm and cozy atmosphere. The interior of the restaurant is mainly decorated with wood, and the large bar is filled with fresh seafood, which is full of vitality. The fishnets and marine-themed decorations hanging on the wall give people a strong marine atmosphere.

Sashimi Cuisine: A Cevicheria is famous for its superb sashimi cuisine. I ordered a signature sashimi platter, which included a variety of fresh seafood such as sea bream, cod, shrimp and octopus. Each piece of sashimi is tender and juicy, served with special Peruvian seasoning, delicious and unique. I especially like the taste of cod, which is soft and elastic, and it is a perfect combination with the sourness of lemon juice.

Creative menu: A Cevicheria’s menu is full of creativity and surprises. In addition to traditional sashimi dishes, they also offer many unique dishes. I tried a dish called “Tiradito”, a Peruvian-style sashimi salad with chili sauce and shallots that was spicy and refreshing. There is also a dish called “Causa”, which is a potato-based snack topped with a variety of seafood and vegetables for a rich and layered taste.

Professional service: In addition to the delicious food, the service at A Cevicheria is also impressive. The staff are warm and friendly, and the detailed and professional introduction to the dishes provided me with a good dining experience. They will also recommend matching wine, so that I can better enjoy the taste of the food.

In the dining experience at A Cevicheria, I got a taste of Lisbon’s unique gastronomic culture. The sashimi dishes here are exquisite and delicious, the menu is full of creativity, and the service is professional and thoughtful. Whether it is for sashimi lovers or those who want to try different tastes, this is a must-see. Here, I not only tasted delicious sashimi dishes, but also felt the Peruvian style and the ocean atmosphere of Lisbon.

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