Bailong Ladder

The Bailong Ladder, which sounds full of mystery and adventure, is an exciting attraction in Zhangjiajie. This scenic spot is located in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. It is a winding cliff ladder composed of hundreds of stone steps, shaped like a giant dragon rising into the sky.

When you step on the Bailong Ladder, you will be in the dense green trees, listening to the singing of birds and feeling the fresh air. Every step is an adventure, every step is a challenge. You can’t help but marvel at the uncanny craftsmanship of nature, creating such a spectacular landscape.

Climbing up the Bailong Ladder, you will gradually reach the high altitude area, overlooking the majestic peaks and the vast sea of clouds. The scenery here is absolutely breathtaking, as if you are in a fairyland.

However, the challenge is not just climbing the Bailong Ladder, but also climbing to the end of the ladder – the Golden Summit. Golden Summit is one of the highest peaks in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, with an altitude of more than 1,300 meters. Standing on the golden summit, you can overlook the magnificent scenery of the entire forest park and feel the shock and tranquility of the top of the mountain.

If you like adventure and pursuit of excitement, Bailong Ladder is definitely an attraction not to be missed. However, it should be noted that due to its steep features, climbing the Bailong Ladder requires a certain amount of physical strength and courage. It is recommended that tourists in good physical condition go there.

During the expedition, remember to pay attention to safety, wear appropriate shoes and clothing, and carry water and food with you. At the same time, respect the natural environment, do not litter, and protect this beautiful scenic spot.

The Bailong Ladder is an unforgettable adventure trip in Zhangjiajie, which allows you to feel the power and beauty of nature in the challenge. Get ready for this thrilling and exciting journey!

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