Celebrate St. John’s Day

Taking part in the Festas de São João celebrations in Lisbon is a fun and unique way to gain insight into Portuguese culture and folklore traditions. Here are some suggestions for getting involved in St. John’s Day celebrations:

Dancing: During the festival, traditional arraials will be held in Lisbon’s street squares, where you can participate, dance to the music and feel the lively atmosphere. Dances are dominated by traditional Portuguese dances such as tarraxinha and vira.

Lighting a bonfire: An important tradition on St. John’s Day is the lighting of a bonfire. During the festivities, you’ll see people dancing, singing and playing around bonfires. It’s a time for people to come together and have fun, and you can join them and feel the vibe.

Food Tasting: During St. John’s Feast, you can taste a variety of delicious traditional food. Grilled trout is one of the specialties of St. John’s Day, and you can try this delicious traditional Portuguese dish. In addition, there are other traditional delicacies and desserts to choose from, such as Portuguese egg tarts (pastel de nata) and San Antonio pastries (sardinhas assadas).

Watch the fireworks display: The climax of St. John’s Day is the fireworks display. At night, you can watch magnificent fireworks displays from different locations in the city. The most famous of these is the fireworks display on the Serra de Sintra, from where you can overlook the entire city of Lisbon.

Participating in a St. John’s Day celebration allows you to immerse yourself in Portuguese culture, celebrate the festival with the locals, and experience a unique and vibrant traditional way of celebrating. Whether it’s dancing, lighting a bonfire or eating a meal, you’ll be left with unforgettable memories and invaluable experiences.

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