Feeling Candical in Rio de Janeiro

Candomblé is a Brazilian religion that originated in Africa and is especially popular in the Brazilian states of Bahia and Rio de Janeiro. It is the integration of the religious beliefs introduced into Brazil by African slaves and the indigenous culture of Brazil, forming a unique religious system.

During the Kandikal ceremony, devotees communicate with and pray to the deities through dance, music and religious rituals. These ceremonies are usually performed in special temples or shrines, known as Terreiros. In Rio de Janeiro, you can visit these Ruandas to learn about the beliefs and rituals of Candicar.

Followers of Candikal worship multiple deities called Orixás, each deity representing a different natural element, power and quality. Believers believe that through communication with the gods, they can obtain protection and guidance.

Dance and music are very important elements in Kandikal rituals. Believers wear special costumes and dance to express respect and gratitude to the gods. The rhythm of drums and other instruments creates an exciting musical atmosphere and immerses people in the atmosphere of religious rituals.

Participating in a Candical ceremony is a way to gain insight into Brazilian culture and religion. You can watch and participate in these ceremonies in Luanda in Rio de Janeiro, experience the unique charm of Candicar beliefs, and learn about the devotion of Brazilians to religion and gods.

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