Food in Fenghuang Ancient City

The ancient city of Fenghuang is mainly based on traditional Hunan cuisine, which combines Hunan cuisine, local cuisine and Miao specialties. Here are some delicious foods to try in the ancient city of Fenghuang:

Xiangxi Local Cuisine: The local dishes in the area around the ancient city of Fenghuang have a unique taste, mainly spicy, spicy and delicious. You can taste the traditional delicacies of Tujia and Miao people, such as chili fried pork, Tujia fish in sour soup, bacon stewed tofu and so on.

Hunan Cuisine: Hunan cuisine is famous for its spiciness and unique taste. In the ancient city of Fenghuang, you can try a variety of classic dishes of Hunan cuisine, such as Kung Pao Chicken, Fish Head with Chopped Pepper, and Spicy Chicken.

Phoenix Distillery Roasted Chicken: A special delicacy in the ancient city of Fenghuang is Fenghuang Distillery Roasted Chicken. It is made of fresh local chicken through special cooking techniques. original taste.

Ethnic snacks: In the street food stalls in the ancient city, you can find a variety of traditional ethnic snacks, such as Miao glutinous rice cakes, Tujia dried tofu, bacon roll powder, etc. These snacks bring you a fresh taste bud experience with their unique production techniques and tastes.

Fenghuang ancient city special snacks: In the streets and alleys of the ancient city, you can also try some characteristic snacks of Fenghuang ancient city, such as fried stinky tofu, jelly, bean curd and so on. With their unique flavor and taste, these snacks allow you to enjoy the temptation of gourmet food while visiting the ancient city.

The food in Fenghuang ancient city is rich and varied, including local specialties and traditional Hunan food. In the process of exploring the ancient city, you might as well try some local delicacies to taste the local flavor and enrich your travel experience. Remember to pay attention to the local catering hygiene and the freshness of the ingredients when tasting food, choose restaurants and stalls with word of mouth, and enjoy a safe and delicious food journey.

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