Gansu Cuisine

Gansu, a province in Northwest China, has a rich and diverse food culture. The following are some of Gansu’s specialties:

Lanzhou Beef Ramen: Lanzhou Beef Ramen is one of the most famous delicacies in Gansu, famous for its delicious soup base, tender noodles and savory beef. The ingredients are rich, and you can choose to add vegetables, bean sprouts and seasonings according to your personal taste.

Gansu mutton: Gansu mutton is tender and juicy, and is often used in barbecue, stew and stewed noodles. Among them, mutton kebabs are a very popular local snack. The grilled meat is delicious, seasoned with chili powder and cumin, and has a strong flavor.

Handy Hele: Handy Hele is a traditional noodle dish in Gansu, famous for its special way of making. After rolling out the dough, tear it into strips by hand, then add various ingredients such as beef, carrots, bean sprouts, etc., and finally mix it with a special sauce for a unique taste.

Dry-roasted eel: Dry-roasted eel is one of Gansu’s specialties. Fresh rice field eel is fried with special seasoning to make it golden-yellow in appearance and crispy in taste. This dish is often served with chilli and minced garlic for added flavor.

Donkey meat fire: Donkey meat fire is a traditional pastry in Gansu, which is loved for its sweet taste and crisp texture. The outer skin is golden and crispy, and the inner filling includes diced donkey meat, minced green onion and ginger, and seasonings, all baked.

Zalut Roasted Whole Lamb: Jalut Roasted Whole Lamb is a famous banquet dish in Gansu, often served on important occasions or festivals. The whole lamb is specially processed and roasted, the meat is tender and juicy, the appearance is golden yellow, and the flavor is unique.

The above is just a part of Gansu cuisine, and there are many other local specialties, such as stewed soup, instant mutton, and oil-splashed noodles. Tasting Gansu cuisine is one of the important ways to experience local customs and culture.

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