If you don’t pay attention to flying, be careful to enter the blacklist!

Flying is a common way for us to reach our destination quickly. However, sometimes we may make some careless mistakes, and even cause dissatisfaction with the airlines, and then enter their blacklist.

Arrive and board on time:
It is very important to arrive at the airport on time and board the plane on time. Flights usually have fixed boarding times, and if you’re late, you could delay other passengers and cause displeasure with the airline. It is recommended to arrange the itinerary in advance, allow enough time to arrive at the airport, and abide by the boarding time.

Comply with baggage regulations:
Airlines have strict baggage regulations, including weight, size and prohibited items. Before traveling, make sure you understand and comply with the airline’s baggage requirements. Overweight or illegally carried items may result in additional charges or denial of boarding.

Respect the cabin crew:
During the flight, it is essential to treat the cabin crew with respect and courtesy. They are responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of the flight, and any inappropriate behavior may be considered as disrupting the flight order, thereby arousing the vigilance of the airline.

Observe safety regulations:
Airlines have a series of safety regulations, including banning the use of electronic devices, wearing seat belts, and no smoking. You should abide by these regulations to ensure safety during the flight. Violations of safety regulations may be deemed irresponsible and brought to the attention of airlines.

Reasonable use of airplane mode:
During takeoff and landing, airlines require passengers to switch electronic devices such as mobile phones to airplane mode. This is to avoid interference with the flight navigation system. Remember to abide by this requirement so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

Respect other passengers:
During the flight, respect the rights and personal space of other passengers. Avoid excessive noise, occupation of armrests or seats to ensure harmonious coexistence among passengers.

Flying is a convenient way to travel, but we must abide by the airline’s rules and respect the cabin crew and other passengers to avoid being blacklisted by the airline. Arriving and boarding on time, adhering to baggage regulations, and respecting safety and etiquette are all important things we as travelers should be mindful of. Keep up the good passenger behavior and make the flight enjoyable and smooth!

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