Lanzhou Ink and Danxia Scenic Spot

Lanzhou Shuimo Danxia Tourist Scenic Spot is located in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, China. It is an amazing natural landscape area. It is famous for its unique Danxia landform, which combines mountains, canyons, streams and peculiar rock formations to form a beautiful scenery like ink painting.

There are many places and things to do in Lanzhou Ink Danxia Tourist Scenic Area:

Danxia landform: The Danxia landform here is composed of red sandstone and limestone hundreds of millions of years ago. Tourists can walk in the Danxia landform area, enjoy the spectacular peaks, strange rocks and canyons, and feel the uncanny workmanship of nature.

Appreciate the magnificent scenery: In Lanzhou Shuimo Danxia Tourist Scenic Area, you can climb high mountains and overlook the magnificent scenery. Looking from the top of the mountain, you can see the vast canyons, verdant mountains and clear streams, as if you are in a magnificent painting.

Rafting Adventures: The streams here surround the mountains and offer a great rafting destination. You can take a Zodiac or Raft boat and enjoy the thrill and fun on the stream while admiring the spectacular natural scenery around you.

Hiking: Lanzhou Shuimo Danxia Tourist Scenic Area has numerous hiking routes that allow you to explore this beautiful area up close. You can choose a suitable route, along the ridge, through the canyon, and feel the beauty of nature.

Cultural experience: You can also experience local culture and folk customs in Lanzhou Ink Danxia Tourist Scenic Area. You can visit nearby villages, learn about the lifestyle and traditional handicrafts of local residents, and taste local food and tea culture.

Lanzhou Ink Danxia Tourist Scenic Spot is a place that makes people linger and forget to return. Whether it is natural landscape or cultural experience, it will leave a deep impression on tourists. In this amazing place, you can relax, enjoy the charm of nature, and feel the unique charm of Chinese traditional culture at the same time.

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