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As the capital of the United Kingdom, London carries too much glory of Great Britain, and the traditional British atmosphere is inherited and precipitated here. The majestic Parliament Building and Tower Bridge are the landmarks of London, and you can take a cruise to see these classical buildings on both sides of the Thames. At the same time, as one of the world’s three major financial centers and a gathering place for cultures from all over the world, London is rapidly developing and modernizing. There are many art galleries and skyscrapers, as well as the London Eye, which symbolizes the millennium, and you can enjoy the beautiful London skyline by taking it!

unique experience
London, which carries the rich history of the empire on which the sun never sets, is both classical and fashionable. Go to Buckingham Palace to watch a changing of the guard ceremony and appreciate the solemnity and elegance of the royal family; shuttle between the Tower of London, Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament to find There are too many London landmarks with British glory; stroll around the British Museum and the National Gallery, and visit tens of thousands of ancient and modern treasures; stroll along Charing Cross Street, Abbey Road where the Beatles walked, and the famous Baker Street 221B, and explore the secrets of film and television literature Literary and artistic London; check in the Borough Market, which is full of delicious food, the antique market in Notting Hill, and the Camden Market with a strong hippie atmosphere, and feel the wonderful London in the market.

Aircraft: There are 5 airports in London, among which Heathrow Airport is the main aviation hub, where most international flights take off and land, and several other airports mainly operate domestic and European short-distance routes. From the airport to the city, you can take the Heathrow Express. The train goes back and forth between the airport and Paddington Railway Station. The whole journey takes 15 minutes, and you can take it at T2-T5 terminals; you can also take the Heathrow Connect train. Go to the urban area, and also arrive at Paddington Railway Station, the whole journey takes 30 minutes; you can also take the Piccadilly Line to the urban area, and the journey takes about 1 hour; take the airport bus Airbus to the Victoria Bus Terminal, and the journey takes about 90-120 minutes; take The cost of a taxi to the city is generally around 60-80 pounds. Subway: There are more than ten subway lines in London, all over the city and some surrounding areas. There are many subway trips, which are relatively convenient and fast travel tools. Bus: There are many bus lines in London, extending in all directions, covering the entire city. Most of the buses can buy tickets on the bus. The stations with yellow signs need to buy tickets in advance. When waiting for the bus, you need to wave to the driver to stop. You also need a bell to remind you when you get off the bus The driver stops. Taxi: London taxis are black and look like classic cars. The starting price is 2.4 pounds. A tip of 10% of the fare is required. Bicycles: There are hundreds of bicycle rental points in London City, 2 pounds a day, free for the first 30 minutes, after paying with a credit card to obtain a password, you can automatically unlock and pick up the vehicle. Thames River Cruise: If you want to easily explore the beautiful scenery of London, you can take a Thames River Cruise. There are many routes that you can choose according to your preferences. Along the way, you pass classic attractions such as the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and Greenwich. The journey takes about 2.5 hours.

best time to visit
The weather in London is often cloudy and sunny. No matter what season you go, it is recommended to bring all-season clothes and raincoats. From March to May, the spring climate is slowly warming up, but it is still a bit cool, and there are sometimes cloudy and rainy days. It is recommended to check the weather forecast in advance when traveling; from June to August, the summer in London has clear sky, mild sunshine, and long daylight hours. The best season; September-October is cool and pleasant, but London in autumn has begun to cool down, it is recommended to wear windbreakers, thin coats and other cool clothing; November-February enters the long winter, the weather is cold and humid, There are many rainy days, so you need to wear warm clothes such as sweaters and coats. December is the discount season in London, which is a good time to go shopping. The New Year’s Eve fireworks display is also very beautiful.

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