Recommended food in Hengshan

With its unique geographical location and rich natural resources, Hengshan area has many delicious specialties. Here are some recommendations for Hengshan cuisine:

Hengshan Tofu Nao: Hengshan Tofu Nao is famous for its delicate texture and delicious taste. The tofu nao is made in a unique way. It is made from high-quality soybeans, which are ground through multiple processes, and then added with special sauces and ingredients. It is smooth, tender, delicious and delicious.

Hengshan Roasted Meat: Hengshan Roasted Meat is famous for its unique baking technology and fragrant seasoning. Roast meat includes roast duck, roast chicken, roast pork, etc., with bright color, fresh and tender meat, and rich aroma. It is one of the traditional delicacies in Hengshan area.

Hengshan Chili and Black Bean Fish: This is a fish dish with local specialty chili and black bean sauce as the main seasoning. The fish is fresh and tender, served with the chili and black bean sauce, spicy and numb, delicious and attractive.

Hengyang Steamed Vegetables: Hengyang region uses steamed vegetables as the main cooking method to preserve the original flavor and nutritional value of the ingredients. There are many kinds of steamed dishes, including steamed meat, steamed fish, steamed vegetables, etc., with fresh and tender taste, light and delicious.

Hengshan Sweet and Sour Fish: This is a famous traditional dish in Hengshan area. It is cooked with fresh local aquatic fish and served with sweet and sour sauce. The fish is crispy, and the sweet and sour sauce is sweet and sour, with a rich texture.

Hengyang rice noodles: Hengyang rice noodles are widely loved for their delicate texture and rich taste. After the rice noodles are cooked, they are mixed with various ingredients such as shredded pork, tofu skin, vegetables, etc., and then added with special seasoning, which is delicious and delicious.

Hengyang tea rice: Hengyang area is famous for tea rice, that is, meals cooked with tea. Tea rice has a light tea aroma and a soft taste. It is often paired with various side dishes and soups and is rich in nutrition.

These delicacies are just one of the rich flavor dishes in the Hengshan area, each with its own unique taste and flavor, which makes people linger and forget to return. Visitors to Hengshan can not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, but also taste local specialties and enjoy the feast of taste buds on the tip of the tongue.

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