Recommended for killing boredom on a long-distance flight

Long-haul flights can often be lengthy, and if you want to kill the boredom, here are some suggested things to make your trip enjoyable:

Read a book or magazine:
Bring a book you’ve been wanting to read or some favorite magazines and enjoy your in-flight reading time. Not only can you pass the time, but also allow you to enrich your knowledge or enjoy the plot of the story.

To watch a movie or TV show:
Most long-haul flights offer a personal entertainment system with a wide selection of movies and TV shows. Pick a few movies you are interested in, or catch up on your favorite TV series, and let the time fly by watching movies.

Listen to music or podcasts:
Put on some headphones and listen to some music you like, or listen to some interesting podcast episodes. Music can relax your mind, while podcasts can let you learn something new or listen to some interesting stories.

Sleep and rest:
Long-distance flights are often tiring, so it’s a good idea to rest and sleep on board. Bring a comfy pillow and eye mask, adjust the seat position, relax and take a good rest.

Organize your itinerary and program:
If you haven’t fully planned out the details of your trip, use flight time to organize your trip and make plans. Consult guidebooks, maps and travel websites for information on destinations and to plan itineraries and activities.

Communicate with neighbors:
If you’re willing to mingle with strangers, chat with the passenger next to you. Maybe you can meet some interesting people, share travel experiences or hear their stories.

Do some small exercises and stretches:
Sitting on the plane for too long can easily make the body uncomfortable. You can do some small exercises and stretches, such as ankle circles and neck stretches, to keep your body comfortable.

Games and Puzzles:
Download some mobile games or bring along some puzzle books to while away the time on the plane. Solve puzzles, play games, and add some fun.

These are some suggestions to pass the boring time on the long-distance flight, choose the way that suits you according to your personal interests and preferences. Make the journey as fulfilling and interesting as possible and enjoy the unique experience of flying.

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