Rome Travel Guide

Rome is the capital of Italy and the birthplace of the ancient Roman Empire. It is called the “Eternal City” because of its long history. Today’s Rome is like an “open-air history museum”. There are a large number of ancient Roman relics preserved in the city. You can go to the Colosseum to see the symbol of the ancient Roman Empire. Architectural wonders from thousands of years ago, etc. There is also a pocket “China” in the city of Rome – the Vatican, where you can appreciate the pinnacle of religious art and see the artistic masterpieces left by the Renaissance masters.

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The ancient and splendid Rome, with thousands of years of historical relics, has many architectural cultural heritages, such as the Colosseum, the eternal symbol of ancient Rome, the famous Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Square, which is famous for “Roman Holiday”, Piazza Navona, where Baroque art gathers… is full of relics of the ancient Roman Empire and the artistic atmosphere of the Renaissance. Baroque-style buildings can be seen everywhere on the street, which are beautiful and gorgeous.

Aircraft: There are two airports in Rome, Da Vinci Airport (Fiumicino Airport) and Ciampino Airport. Most international flights take off and land at Da Vinci Airport, which is the air hub of Italy. Da Vinci Airport has a train Leonardo Express that goes back and forth between the airport and Termini, the central railway station in Rome. The journey takes about 30 minutes and runs every 15 minutes. It is very convenient; you can also take the airport bus to the city center. The journey takes about 1 hour and takes about 20 minutes. Take a taxi with the word SPQR to the city center at a fixed price of 48 Euros, and you can take it at Terminal 1 or 3. Subway: There are three subway lines in Rome, and most of the attractions in the city can be reached. You can buy single tickets, one-day tickets, two-day tickets or three-day tickets according to your needs. Bus: The bus is the main way for local people to travel. There are many routes covering the entire urban area, but the routes are more complicated, so you must know clearly in advance before taking the bus. Taxi: The taxis in Rome are white and there are many types of cars. You must make an appointment by phone in advance, and you cannot hail a car on the side of the road.

best time to visit
Influenced by the Mediterranean climate, Rome is dry and hot in summer. You should pay attention to sun protection when traveling. It is recommended to bring a coat to protect against the cold in the morning and evening. In winter, it is warm and humid, with continuous rain and cold, so it is recommended to wear warm clothes. The refreshing and pleasant spring and autumn seasons are the most beautiful in Rome. In spring, spring is warm and flowers are blooming, and autumn is sunny and cool, which is the best season for travel.

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