Sao Paulo Travel Guide

As one of the largest cities in the world, São Paulo naturally stands out in South America. Although it doesn’t have the natural beauty of Rio, it still has a lot to offer. It’s the cultural heart of Brazil, where you’ll find a wide variety of museums, nightclubs and restaurants, the latter of which stem from the city’s diverse population. For wanderers, wandering around São Paulo is equivalent to visiting all kinds of shops and restaurants in the world.

unique experience
As the largest city in Brazil, it is not as laid-back and enthusiastic as Rio, but more elegant. Rows upon rows of high-rise buildings are very modern, and churches and museums are all over the streets. Visit the St. Paul Cathedral, which combines Gothic and Renaissance styles, and stroll around the Sao Paulo Independence Park, which symbolizes Brazil’s freedom and independence. There are also many museums such as the St. Paulian Museum, the Art Museum, the Catholic Art Museum, and the Football Museum. .

Aircraft: There are 3 airports in Sao Paulo, among which Sao Paulo International Airport is the aviation hub of Brazil and South America, which undertakes major international routes; Congonhas Airport is the closest airport to the city, and also has some international routes, but it is not suitable for large passenger planes Takeoff and landing; Campinas International Airport is an airport hub in Latin America, mainly operating South American routes. Each airport generally has an airport bus, bus or taxi to go to the city. Subway: There are many subway lines in Sao Paulo, and most attractions can be reached, which is the best choice for travel. It should be noted that only women are allowed in the head compartment of the train. Bus: There are many bus lines in São Paulo, all over the city. There are only Portuguese prompts on the bus. Tourists who do not understand the language are advised to check the driving route in advance. Taxi: It is generally not recommended to take a taxi when visiting Sao Paulo. The price/performance ratio is extremely low. Taxi charges are different during the day and at night.

best time to visit
The summer season from December to March is the peak tourist season in Sao Paulo, and there are crowds of people everywhere. At this time, the climate is hot and there are frequent thunderstorms. You need to take sun protection measures and prepare rain gear when traveling; the temperature in winter from June to August will not be very high Low, but because it is near the sea, it will be relatively cold and humid; if you want to avoid crowds, the spring and autumn seasons in April, May, October, and November are good seasons for off-peak travel.

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