The Taxi Experience in Lima

Taking a taxi in Lima is a convenient and fast mode of transportation. Here are some experiences of taking a taxi in Lima:

Types of taxis: There are many different types of taxis to choose from in Lima, including standard taxis, taxi apps, and taxi services. Standard taxis are usually yellow, have meters and can be found on the roadside or at taxi ranks. Taxi apps such as Uber and Cabify are also popular in Lima, and you can hail and pay for a taxi using a mobile phone app.

Prices and Metering: Taxis in Lima are usually metered and fares are based on mileage and time. Make sure the taxi driver has the meter on and that the price is reasonable. Taxi apps will often display an estimated price, which can help you get an idea of how much it will cost.

Safety: Choose a regular taxi service and make sure the taxi has a legal license and identification. If using a taxi app, you can check driver reviews and ratings to choose a reputable driver. In addition, try to choose a well-lit and bustling place to get on and off at night, and make sure your belongings are safe.

Traffic congestion: Traffic in Lima can be congested, especially during rush hour. Allow enough time to get to your destination, especially before important appointments or events. In times of heavy traffic, taxi drivers may choose to make detours, which can add to travel time and costs.

Communication and Navigation: If you do not understand Spanish, it is recommended that you have the address or name of your destination ready in advance and show it to the driver. Some drivers may not understand English, but you can use the navigation app to guide the driver. Also, Lima’s streets can be complicated, so make sure your navigation information is accurate.

Overall, the taxi service in Lima is a convenient and commonly used mode of transportation. Following safety rules, choosing a legal and reputable taxi, and allowing enough time can make your trip in Lima more enjoyable and smooth.

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