Tokyo Station Underground Street

Tokyo Station Underground Street (Tokyo Station Underground Street) is a shopping district located under Tokyo Station, offering a wide variety of shops, restaurants and food stalls, and is a popular shopping and dining spot for tourists and locals alike. Here are some of the things you can experience in the Tokyo Station underground mall:

Shopping Stores: There are many fashionable clothing, footwear, watch and jewelry stores in the underground shopping mall. You can find international famous brands and local Japanese designer brands. In addition, there are bookstores, cosmetic stores and gift shops to meet different shopping needs.

Restaurants and Food Stalls: There are a variety of restaurants and food stalls in the underground mall, offering Japanese, Western, Chinese and various international cuisines. You can taste sushi, ramen, grilled meat, hamburgers and other delicacies to satisfy your taste buds.

Souvenirs and specialty goods: There are many shops selling souvenirs and specialty goods in the underground shopping mall. You can buy some unique Tokyo souvenirs, such as Japanese-style items, stationery, handicrafts and Japanese tea, etc., as souvenirs or gifts to friends and family.

Festivals and events: The underground mall often hosts various festivals and events, such as fashion shows, music performances, and handicraft exhibitions. These events provide additional entertainment and experiential opportunities for shoppers and tourists.

The Tokyo Station Underground Mall is a convenient place to shop and dine, whether you’re shopping before you take a train elsewhere, or casually shopping while passing through Tokyo Station, you can find the goods and delicacies you need here. Remember to allow time to explore this underground shopping mall and discover some unique Tokyo flavors.

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