Top 20 Popular Attractions in Xiamen

The following are the top 20 popular attractions in Xiamen:

Gulangyu Island: This is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Xiamen, famous for its long history and unique European architectural style.

Zengcuo’an: This is an old fishing village that has grown into a trendy arts district with many nice little shops, galleries and restaurants.

Nanputuo Temple: This is an ancient Buddhist temple located on Songyu Island and is an important religious resort in Xiamen.

Xiamen University: As one of the famous institutions of higher learning in China, Xiamen University is famous for its beautiful campus and long history.

Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street: This is one of the busiest commercial streets in Xiamen, with many shopping malls, shops, restaurants and cafes.

Shuzhuang Garden: This is a beautiful park with a variety of flowers and landscapes, a great place to relax and take a walk.

White City Beach: This is a wide sandy beach, ideal for enjoying the beach and surf.

Heshan Park: This is a park featuring green plants and lakes, which is a good place for outdoor leisure and exercise.

Pan’an Rock Painting Village: This is a village famous for its rock art. Visitors can enjoy many rock paintings with unique styles.

Sunlight Rock: This is a spectacular rocky scenic spot with many caves and strange rock formations.

Wuyuan Bay: This is a beautiful bay, known as “one of the most beautiful bays in China”, with clear water and a spectacular coastline.

Songyu Cultural Tourism Area: This tourist area is famous for its natural scenery and cultural landscape, with many historical sites and ancient buildings.

Jinji Mountain: This is a hill park with a rich history, with spectacular mountain scenery and fascinating plants.

Wanshi Botanical Garden: This is a huge botanical garden with rich plant varieties and exquisite landscape.

Huandao Road: This is a scenic coastal road, suitable for walking and cycling, with spectacular sea views.

Lucuo Beach: This is a quiet and clean beach, a great place to enjoy the sun and waves.

Haicang Fish Market: This is a traditional fish market where tourists can buy fresh seafood and experience the local fishermen’s culture.

Tong’an Ancient Town: This is an ancient town with a long history, with many ancient buildings and traditional handicrafts.

Areca Valley: This is a tropical botanical garden with rich and diverse plants and beautiful landscapes.

Foxtail Mountain: This is a high mountain with spectacular mountain views and charming natural scenery, suitable for hiking and viewing.

The above are the top 20 popular attractions in Xiamen, each of which has its own unique features and is suitable for different types of tourists.

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