Watch out for beach fun!

Playing on the beach is a great way to enjoy the sun, surf and sand. However, the beach also hides some potential dangers, we need to stay alert and pay attention to some possible phenomena. In this blog, I will introduce you to four situations. Once these phenomena occur, you should go ashore immediately to ensure your own safety.

Strong waves:
Strong waves can be dangerous for those unfamiliar with sea water. If you see waves suddenly getting unusually large, crashing against the shore, or forming rapids, it could be a red flag. At this time, you should leave the sea immediately and go ashore away from the tide line.

Sudden changes in weather:
Beach weather can change suddenly, such as storms, high winds or lightning. If you notice the sky getting darker, the wind speed increases, or you hear thunder, this could be a sign of an approaching storm. In this case, get off the beach quickly and seek safe shelter from the wind, to avoid the threat of heavy rain, storms and lightning.

Aggregation of marine life:
The presence of large numbers of jellyfish, sharks, water snakes or other sea life near a beach is a warning sign. While most marine life poses no threat to humans, congregating conditions can increase the risk of accidents. Try to stay away from these gathering areas to reduce unnecessary risks.

Strong currents or currents:
Some beaches may have strong currents or currents, especially where there are changing tides or rough ocean topography. If you feel your body being pulled or pushed hard by the current, this could be a sign of a strong tide or current. In this case, instead of fighting the current desperately, try to stay calm, swim in the direction of the current, and try to gradually get out of the current and swim back to the shore.

When having fun at the beach, it’s important to stay alert and aware of what’s going on around you. In the event of strong surf, sudden changes in weather, concentrations of marine life, or strong currents, getting ashore immediately is the best course of action for personal safety. Respect and care for the marine environment while having fun at the beach makes a beach vacation a safe and memorable experience!

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