Where to eat in Frankfurt

When you come to Frankfurt, Germany, you must not miss to taste the local delicacies. The city has an abundance and variety of food options that will leave your mouth watering. Let me take you on a tour of Frankfurt’s gourmet world.

First, we came to a traditional tavern in the old town of Frankfurt. When you push open the heavy wooden door, a strong aroma of barbecue comes to your face. You’ll see the chef preparing one of his signature dishes, the “Greenhausen Pork Knuckle”. This traditional German dish is known for its tender, juicy meat with a crispy skin and tender meat. When you take the first bite, the gravy explodes in your mouth, paired with aromatic spices and a golden-grilled skin that keeps you coming back for more.

Next, we came to a historic sausage shop in Frankfurt. The shop is lined with a wide variety of sausages, from classic frankfurters to smoked sausages, each with its own unique flavor and texture. You can order a traditional frankfurter plate with a cold beer. When you take the first bite, you will feel the delicate texture and rich seasoning of the sausage, accompanied by the refreshing beer, it is a perfect combination of deliciousness.

If you are interested in seafood, then don’t miss this hidden seafood restaurant in a small alley in Frankfurt. Fresh seafood is served here, from fresh oysters to succulent lobsters. You can choose a seafood platter, which is full of delicious seafood, served with fresh lemon juice and special sauce. When you enjoy the freshness and delicate taste of seafood, you feel as if you are in a fishing village by the sea, making you linger forever.

Finally, don’t forget to try a local dessert in one of Frankfurt’s famous cafés. There is a wide variety of dessert options such as the traditional “Frankfurter” and “Brett Hiessen”. A frankfurter is a fluffy cake made from ground almonds and covered with a silky chocolate icing. And Bret Heessen is a dessert made of dough with a delicious jam inside. When you taste these desserts, the sweetness spreads in your mouth, immersing you in sweet bliss.

These are just a small part of Frankfurt’s gourmet world, but they all represent the city’s rich food culture and unique taste experiences. Whether you like meat, seafood or desserts, Frankfurt has something to satisfy your taste buds. So, when you’re here, be sure to indulge in these delicacies and keep your taste buds satisfied on your Frankfurt food tour.

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