Which attraction is first in Manhattan?

When you’re exploring Manhattan, which sights to visit first depends on your personal preference and schedule. Here are a few popular Manhattan attractions, you can choose one of them to start with according to your interest and convenience:

1,Statue of Liberty: If you are interested in the history and landmarks of New York, you can choose to visit the Statue of Liberty first. You can take a cruise to Liberty Island from South Street Port (Battery Park) in southern Manhattan.

2,Empire State Building (Empire State Building): If you want to overlook the magnificent view of New York City, you can choose to go to the Empire State Building Observation Deck first. It is located in the heart of Manhattan and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city.

3,Central Park (Central Park): If you like nature and a relaxing atmosphere, you can choose to visit Central Park first. It is an oasis in New York City with sprawling lawns, lakes, walking trails and many attractions.

4,American Museum of Natural History: If you are interested in natural history and science, you can choose to visit the Museum of Natural History first. It is one of the largest natural history museums in the world and houses a rich collection of exhibits and artifacts.

5,Broadway Theater District (Broadway Theater District): If you like plays and musicals, you can choose to catch a great show in the Broadway Theater District first. It is home to world-class theaters and performance venues.

Note that these are just some of Manhattan’s top attractions, there are many others worth exploring. According to your preference and schedule, you can flexibly adjust the order of the tour. Also, consider pre-booking tickets or finding out about opening times ahead of time so you can better plan your itinerary.

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