Wulingyuan Special Dishes

Wulingyuan area is a famous scenic spot in Zhangjiajie, and it is also a fertile land with many unique special dishes. Here are some Wulingyuan specialties that you can try while traveling in Wulingyuan:

Pork Knuckle Rice: The Wulingyuan area is famous for its tender and juicy pork knuckles. This dish is stewed with pig’s feet, served with fragrant rice and various seasonings. The meat of the pork knuckle is delicious, soft and tender, and it tastes more intense when eaten with rice.

Wulingyuan Sauerkraut Fish: This is one of the classic dishes in Wulingyuan area. It is made with fresh fish such as carp or mandarin fish stewed with sauerkraut, tofu and various seasonings. The sauerkraut fish tastes delicious, sour and fresh, with good color, fragrance and taste.

Wulingyuan Farm Stir-Fry: The farm stir-fry in Wulingyuan area is made of local wild vegetables and farm special ingredients as the main raw materials, which are fried. The dish is brightly colored and crispy, and retains the original flavor of the vegetables.

Wulingyuan game barbecue: In the mountainous area of Wulingyuan, you can taste all kinds of game barbecue, such as wild pork, pheasant and so on. Grilled over charcoal fire, these game meats are fresh and tender, with a unique mountain flavor.

Wulingyuan Mountain Delicacy Soup: The mountain delicacy soup in Wulingyuan area is made from local wild vegetables and delicious meat. This soup has a rich taste, mellow soup and rich nutrition.

In addition to the special dishes introduced above, there are many other delicacies worth trying in Wulingyuan, such as hickory nut pigeon egg soup, scrambled eggs with wild vegetables, wild mushroom stew, etc. Whether you are tasting food at local restaurants or looking for special snacks at mountain stalls, you can taste Wulingyuan’s unique food culture. Remember to try the local specialties, you will leave delicious memories.

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