Zhangjiajie Travel Guide

Play days: 3 days

Number of players: unlimited

Attractions: Forest Park, Tianmen Mountain, Grand Canyon
There has always been a saying, go to Jiuzhai to see the water, go to Zhangjiajie to see the mountains, “a reduced fairyland, enlarged bonsai”, this is probably the best description for Zhangjiajie. To pursue the magical Hallelujah Mountain in the movie “Avatar” and feel this fantasy world; to stroll in the beautiful Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and appreciate the pristine ecology of strange peaks and beautiful forests; to look up at the rumored It can get into the Tianmen hole of the plane, what does it look like? Finally, I must go to experience the glass bridge that “carry me on the back, and I will marry you”, which blows up the circle of friends. How thrilling is it? Yes, it has been decided to start! However, Zhangjiajie, which has always been famous for its rich tourism resources, needs to pay attention to very trivial matters. How should the tour route be arranged? What are some practical suggestions for avoiding detours? There are so many scenic spots in Zhangjiajie, which ones are the most worth visiting?
1. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park – must go to Zhangjiajie;

2. Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area—Look at the Tianmen Cave that the plane passed through, and take a walk on the Tianmen Mountain Glass Walkway on the edge of the cliff;

3. Grand Canyon Glass Bridge Scenic Area – the glass bridge that frightens the weak legs, you carry me across, I will marry you romantic promise.

(For the three-day itinerary that most people habitually choose: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park needs to play for two days, and the other Tianmen Mountain (with glass plank road) and glass bridge can be selected.)

How to arrange the itinerary is the most reasonable, and how many days are suitable for each place? Let us answer them one by one.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (recommended play time: 2 days)
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is China’s first national forest park, a world natural heritage, unique in the world. It is the shooting location of the American movie “Avatar” and Chinese classics “Dream of Red Mansions”, “Journey to the West”, “Zhong Kui Fumo”, “Monster Hunt” and so on. Reckless Wulingyuan, independent of heaven and earth. The uncanny workmanship of nature has created the spectacular landscape of quartz sandstone peak forest here.

The scenic spots included in the forest park are: Yuanjiajie, Yangjiajie, the first bridge in the world, as well as the Golden Whip Creek and Shili Gallery at the foot of the mountain. These are all for looking at strange rocks or mountains and rivers. High and fast elevator, worth trying).

There are five ticket stations in the scenic spot: Wulingyuan ticket station, Forest Park ticket station, Shuiraosimen ticket station, Yangjiajie ticket station and Tianzishan ticket station. Generally, more scenic spots are entered from the Wulingyuan Ticket Station and the Forest Park Ticket Station (it is recommended to enter the scenic spot from the Wulingyuan Sign Gate Ticket Station, and the national road from Zhangjiajie to the Forest Park Ticket Station is being closed for maintenance). At the same time, tourists can voluntarily purchase insurance at the special window when purchasing tickets.

Play Tips:

1. There are multiple entrances to the forest park. It is recommended to enter from the sign gate of Wulingyuan. You will live in Wulingyuan for the next few days. It is a small town from the Wulingyuan ticket station. The environment is very good. It is very convenient and quick to enter and exit the forest park from Wulingyuan.

2. There are too many people queuing up at each bus point in the scenic area, so try to reserve as much time as possible.

3. If you are physically fit and don’t want to queue up to take the Bailong Elevator, you can walk up the hill and walk slowly without stopping for an hour and a half.

4. It is strongly recommended to go up or down the mountain on the line of Shili Gallery. There are countless viewing platforms on the road, and the scenery is excellent. The viewing platform on the mountain is a few streets away. There are few people.

5. Everyone knows that the best place to watch the sunrise is Daguantai, but in fact, it takes more luck to see the sea of clouds and rainbows. Usually it rains the night before, and you can be lucky enough to see it. If you love photography, you can refer to the weather first.

6. Good scenery, bring a SLR.

route one

D1. Enter from the National Forest Park ticket station → take the Golden Whip Creek → take the cableway to Yangjiajie → visit Yangjiajie and Yuanjiajie → stay in the scenic area at night (Yuanjiajie, Dingxiangrong, Tianzishan, etc. are fine) ) can also live in Wulingyuan.

D2. Visit Tianzi Mountain → take the cableway down the mountain → visit Shili Gallery → finally exit from the Wulingyuan ticket office.

This route is one of the classic routes to play in the forest park, and it is the preferred choice of most tourists.

line two

D1. Golden Whip Creek-Yangjiajie-Yuanjiajie

Golden Whip Creek
The first scenic spot you see after entering the scenic spot is the most beautiful primitive stream in China——Golden Whip Stream, with a total length of 7.5 kilometers. We will wait for various special attractions, the surrounding environment is elegant, the stream is also crystal clear, and there are many naturally growing fish swimming freely in the water. In such an environment, it is difficult to feel happy! However, it should be noted that there will be many naughty wild monkeys along the way, so you need to pay attention to safety. It is recommended that you don’t have to finish the walk, you can go back to a scenic spot called the Condor Whip, about half an hour.

Then you can go up the mountain to Yangjiajie and Yuanjiajie. There are 3 routes up the mountain:

1. Take the Yangjiajie Cableway to Yangjiajie;

2. Climbing from Qianlixianghui to Yuanjiajie (about 2 hours or so);

3. Walk to the water around the four gates and take the Bailong Ladder to Yuanjiajie.

Personally, I suggest to choose the first route and take the cableway directly, which is the easiest and the shortest time; if you are energetic, you can also choose the second route.

The second scenic spot – Yangjiajie

After taking the cableway to Yangjiajie, if you have plenty of time, you can visit special attractions such as Wulongzhai, Tianbo Mansion, One Step to the Sky, and Air Corridor. However, there are still many small attractions that are not famous. about. It mainly combines the history of banditry and the legend of bandit suppression, and tells the profound customs of Xiangxi, which is very worth feeling carefully. You can also take a picture wearing bandit costumes in the store in Wulongzhai, and it is also good to leave a meaningful souvenir.

The third scenic spot – Yuanjiajie

After visiting Yangjiajie, we went to Yuanjiajie Scenic Spot. The statue of Avatar is in Yuanjiajie. You can visit Yuanjiajie’s back garden, Mihun Terrace, Qiankun Pillar, Hallelujah Mountain, and the representative scenic spot, the First Bridge in the World. After playing, it is recommended to live in a nearby place called Xiaping Village (you can also choose to live near Yangjiajie, Dingxiangrong, Tianzishan, etc.), where there are more inns.


1. If the weather is fine, you can choose to get up early to watch the sunrise on the second morning.

2. If you don’t want to live in the mountains, you can also choose to live in Wulingyuan. You can take the Bailong Ladder directly, and then take the eco-car directly out of the Wulingyuan ticket office to reach Wulingyuan Town. Then you can choose to take the Tianzishan cableway to Tianzi on the second day Mountain area can be. (Forest Park tickets are valid for entry and exit within 4 days)

3. The cost of eco-cars in Zhangjiajie Forest Park is included in the ticket.

D2. Tianzi Mountain, Shili Gallery

Tianzi Mountain
On the second day, you can take an eco-car to Tianzishan Scenic Area at the “Tianqiao Station” in Yuanjiajie. The road along the way will be very winding, and the drive will take about half an hour. After arriving at Tianzi Mountain, walk forward, and there will be a row of shops along the road, with all kinds of snacks. Walking through this row of shops, the entrance to He Long Park is on the right. Its landmark attraction is the bronze statue of He Long, a revolutionary veteran. Afterwards, you can also visit the special scenic spots of Tianzi Mountain, such as Xihai, Xiannv Sanhua, Tianzi Pavilion, etc. If you observe carefully, it will be very vivid, and you can’t help but sigh the magic of nature!

There are two routes down the mountain: one is to go down the mountain directly along the road next to Tianzi Pavilion; the other is to take the Tianzishan cableway directly down the mountain. Personally, I suggest that it would be better to take the cableway directly down the mountain, because generally I am a little tired after playing for 2 days. The one-way fee is 72 yuan, and the student ticket is half price. It takes about 2 hours to walk.

Ten Mile Gallery:

After going down the mountain, you will come to the last scenic spot of this route: Shili Gallery, which is a unique canyon scenery in Zhangjiajie. The rocks on the mountain form many stone scenes that look like people, animals, birds and animals. Among them, the birthday star welcomes guests , Herb Picking Old Man, Xiangwang Guanshu, Conch Peak, etc. are the most famous. The best way to play is to take a one-way sightseeing train or walk directly. After visiting the Shili Gallery, you can take an eco-car to the Wulingyuan Ticket Station.

route two

Enter from the Wulingyuan ticket station → visit the Shili Gallery → take an eco-car to the water around the four gates → visit the Golden Whip Creek for a certain distance (you can return to a scenic spot called Luotuofeng) → take the Bailong Ladder to Yuanjiajie → play Yuanjiajie→On the mountain at night (Tianzishan, Dingxiangrong, Yuanjiajie, etc.) or Wulingyuan→Visit Yangjiajie on the second day→Take an eco-car to Tianzishan→Take a trip to Tianzishan→Take the cableway down the mountain→Sell tickets from Wulingyuan Step out → end the tour.

route three

Enter from the Wulingyuan ticket station → visit Shili Gallery → take the cableway to Tianzi Mountain → visit Tianzi Mountain → live on the mountain at night (Tianzi Mountain, Dingxiangrong, Yuanjiajie, etc.) or Wulingyuan → visit Yuanjiajie and Yangjiajie→ Take the Yangjiajie cableway down the mountain → enjoy the Golden Whip Creek → finally exit from the Forest Park Ticket Station → end the itinerary.


Since the latter two routes are similar to the scenic spots in the whole route, but the routes are different, so no specific introduction will be given.

Route recommendation reason

a. The essential attractions of the National Forest Park are basically included;

b. If you don’t rush the time, you can ensure that your entire playing process is easy and free;

c. Basically, you will not go back the whole way, you will not be dizzy, and you will not get lost.

Dressing Guide:

The temperature difference between day and night in Zhangjiajie is large, and the temperature difference between the four seasons is relatively small. The temperature difference between the core scenic spot of Zhangjiajie and the urban area is about 5-10°C, the hottest time is 39°C in the urban area, and about 30°C in the scenic area.

April-June, September-November: In spring and autumn, the temperature on the mountain is lower than that in the city. In early summer, you still need to wear long-sleeved underwear, and you should sleep under a thin quilt at night. Keep warm; especially in May, when there is often rainy season, remember to bring an umbrella or raincoat.

July-August, December-February: The mountains are very cool in summer, and you should pay attention to sun protection in the city; in winter, it will snow on the mountains, so you can bring trekking poles, wear non-slip shoes, and keep warm.

Pre-departure equipment:

1. The less luggage the better, because the accommodation in the mountains is not fixed every day, it will be very tiring to play all the way with the bag on your back;

2. It is best to bring an umbrella or buy a disposable raincoat in advance. The price in the scenic area is more expensive. It is best to wear waterproof shoes in the rainy season. There are shoe covers in the scenic area but they are not slippery;

3. Bring sunscreen products with an index of more than 30, mosquito repellent, sunglasses, sun hats, at least three sets of replacement underwear and socks, some paper towels and wet wipes for disinfection, and thick-soled non-slip sports shoes for shoes;

4. Prepare band-aids, anti-inflammatory tablets, antidiarrheal tablets and other medicines.

Other considerations:

(1) The mountain road is slippery in rainy days, and rain and heavy fog will cause blurred vision. It is best not to venture into the mountain in the rain;

(2) Golden Week and summer vacation are peak tourist seasons;

(3) It is better to be able to travel together, many expenses can be shared equally, and mutual care can also be taken care of;

(4) Luggage can be stored at the ticket offices of most scenic spots, and generally will not be lost;

(5) Pay attention to take the special vehicles of legal tour groups, and recognize the certificates of tour guides and porters;

(6) Do not picnic or make bonfires in the scenic area;

(7) Don’t be curious to watch sudden quarrels or some strange scenes, as it is most likely to be stolen and robbed on such occasions;

(8) Don’t try boldly to areas marked with “No Passing” and “Dangerous”;

(9) Mountain climbing is more physically demanding, so you can prepare a little dry food and bottled drinking water to satisfy your hunger and reduce travel expenses;

(10) The three groups of monkeys in the scenic area are the “ground snakes” here. Do not provoke them, and do not expose food, so as not to be snatched by the monkeys and hurt yourself at the same time.

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